The king's 'Great Matter' and the reasons for the fall of Wolsey (Catherine's response)

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The King's 'Great Matter' and the reasons for the fall of Wolsey

Catherine's response

She was a devout Catholic, dedicated wife, and a proud and politically astute queen who had been trained from childhood to fight to defend her own interets.

She opposed the annulment for the start, as it would mean her own child would be declared illegitmate and removed from succession and that she would be presented as a royal mistress not a wife.

She stuck by her argument that her marriage with Aruther had never been consummated and that she was still a virgin when she married 
She had the judicial right to oppose the annulment by appealing to the Pope in Rome- Her overt sustained opposition was a key reason for H's failure to secure the annulment and for W's ultimate fall.

Cath was popular in Eng, marriage was politically successful, so Catherine believed that her husbands head was being filled with evil thouughts but his advisors, especially W.
Others on court shared this judgement.

Other reasons for failure to secure an annulment from Pope.
H was indiplomatic in asking the current pope (Clement VII) to agree that a previous pope had acted illegally by issuing the dispensation.
Pope was also


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