The July Bomb Plot, 1944

The July Bomb Plot, 1944 

In 1943 and 1944 there were several groups planning to assasinate Hitler, the closest any plotter ever came to succeeding was in 1944. 

Why did people (expecially army leaders) try to kill Hitler? 

When Germany was enjoying great success in the war, Hitler's conspirators remained quiet. But as Germany dug itself deeper into defeat, opposition to Hitler within the army became significant. 

People wanted to kill Hitler because of: 

- The suffering of the German army in Russia

  - His views on Religion 

- The slaughter of the Jewish, Polish and Russian. 

  In 1944 opposition became prominent in a group lead by General Ludwig Beck and a polititian Dr Carl Goerdeler. They backed the plans of Colonel von Stauffenburg. Thier operation was to be called 'Operation Valkyrie'. 

'Operation Valkyrie' 

Von Stauffenburg was the master of this plan. He was to use 2 bombs in a briefcase to kill Hitler and then sieze control of Berlin using the army. 

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