The Jarrow Crusade

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The Jarrow Crusade - The Basics

The Jarrow Crusade happened in October 1936, when 200 men from the North-Eastern town of Jarrow decided to march 300 miles to London. They did this to raise awareness of the less affected in the south of England to the devastation caused by the great depression. At the time 70% of all men in the town of Jarrow were unemployed.

The men wanted jobs to be brought to the town of Jarrow as most of the men had worked at Palmer's ship yard, however the shipbuilders association had shut this business down the year before. The men were marching down to Jarrow to ask the government to open a new steel works, as they wanted jobs not benefits. As the current unemployment rate left the people in a state of poverty with overcrowding and high mortality rates.

The Jarrow Crusade - When It Began



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