The Inner City and the Suburbs

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Differences In Services In The Inner City And The Suburbs

Social welfare - the well-being of communities and includes individuals access to:

  • Jobs
  • Housing
  • Healthcare
  • Equality
  • Freedom
  • Safety
  • Clean environment


  • Suburbs have more supermarkets as land is cheaper and it is easier to access
  • More fast food restaurants in inner city as travelling to the suburbs for food is too expensive
  • The shops tend to be cheaper in the inner city such as Poundland


  • More traffic congestion in inner cities due to their being more cars
  • More public transport in the inner city as it is difficult to travel by car. It can also be cheaper and is more energy efficient
  • Car ownership is a necessity in suburban areas as there is a limited amount of public transport


  • More sports centres are located in the suburbs as they are larger and require more land which is expensive
  • Lack of green space in the inner city as there is a high demand for housing


  • More ethnic variation in the inner city as there are more religious buildings available
  • Different ethnic stores are found in the inner city which provides foods related to a specific ethnicity eg Chinese restaurants etc
  • Higher population density in the inner city as housing…


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