The influence of genes and hormones on development

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Influence of genes

  • Our sex and gender is determined at conception and birth
  • Depends on the number of sex chromosomes we have: this is inherited from our parents
  • The egg cell can only contain an X chromosome
  • The sperm cell can either contain and X chromosome or a Y chormosome
  • If the combination is ** then we are a girl
  • If the combination is XY then we are a boy
  • Chromosomes that determine our sex are called genotypes
  • Chromosomes that determine our characteristics are called phenotypes
  • Chromosomes contain genetic material that control our development
  • They guide the embryo to either become a male or female
  • They are also responsible for triggering the development of glands which produce sex hormones determining whether we are male or female

Influence of hormones

  • In the early stages of development, gonads begin to develop
  • Until about 8 weeks, all foetuses are the same in terms of sex
  • It is


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