The Idea of Returning

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What uses does Roy make of the idea of returning in The God of Small Things?

One way that that the idea of returning is higlighted is through the return of Rahel in chapter one. When 'Rahel came back to Ayemenem' this brings back memories of his childhood. His return is highlighting how much the house where he grew up has changed, 'Scummy ponds' and 'Verandha bare' displays that the house is in neglect, this is in contrast to the house from when he was a young boy. 'Baby Kochamma was still alive' is significant to to the return and the house due to her character being a tidy and pround woman. This analysis of the house could be symbolising that something has changed Baby Kochamma, leaving the reader inquisitive to know more. 

'Two weeks later, Estha was Returned'. the idea that this happens at this time in the novel shows that the return of Rahel and Estha must be for a


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