The Idea of God

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Divine Attributes

Divine is something related to God

Attributes are charcteristics

Omnipotence - All powerfull

Unlimited in choice or action

But could God create a stone so heavy that even he couldn't lift it?

To Overcome this problem there are 2 suggestions of how to define Omnipotence:

  • God is able to do anything that does not imply logical contradiction
  • God can do all things that is appropriate for God to do
  • What if it is needed for God to do something but, even though it may be needed, it is not appropriate for him to do
  •  If God can only do things that are appropriate/do not imply logical contradiction, then he is not all powerful.

Omniscience - All knowing

"God knows everything"

  • How can God know every present thought of every human being right now?
  • Does God know all the possible outcomes?


  • Does God only know the actual outcome?

Immutability (Cannot and does not change) and Perfection (Perfect in every way)

Therefore God doesn't need to change

If add to God... didn't have/know everything

If take away from God... take away perfection

Omnibenevolence - Supreme Goodness

Is there such thing? Everyone has their own views of goodness

Is there just one sole good? Moral subjectivist

Could there be lots of competing goods? If there are many goods he cannot be more than one

Eternity - Outside of Time

"Eternity is the total, simultaneous and perfect possession of the life without end"


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