The Holderness Coast- Case Study

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The Holderness Coast


On the East coast of Yorkshire, between Flamborough head and Spurn Point.

Why is it Rapidly Eroding?

It's rapidly eroding becuase of the geology, the cliffs are made of boulder clay, which is very soft.

What are the impacts/ effects of this erosion?

The impacts are mainly negative, like houses being pulled into the sea becuase of the rapid erosion. As well as this it's a very expensive area to maintain due to the constant sea defences such as groynes and boulders.

What hard engineering methods have been put in place?

  • Hard engineering method
  •  Advantages
  •  Disadvantages
  •  Sea wall- a long concrete barrier built at the base of a cliff.
  •  It protects the cliff from erosion. Therefore land and buildings behind are protected
  •  It’s expensive to build and maintain. It restricts the beach and


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