The 'Hitler Myth' - A2 Germany


Kershaw's 'Hitler Myth'

This was the ideology held by a large minority of German's living in the Nazi Regime. Hitler was a 'virtual Messiah'

Why did the 'Hitler Myth' develop and gain credence?

  • It was a reaction to the divisions and weaknesses of the old Weimar system
  • It satisfied people's emotional need for a strong government
  • It reinforced a German tradition of authoritative leadership
  • It developed from the long established Fuhrerprinzip (leader priniciple) in the Nazi party
  • It was sustained by Hitler's successes after 1933
  • It was enhanced by propaganda

How was it conveyed?

  • Through the powerful propaganda machinery led by Goebbels

Hitler was displayed as somebody who:

  • Personified the nation and stood aloof


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