The Heart

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The heat is an organ that pumps blood to the lungs and around the body.

Blood coming from the tissues is low in oxygen (deocygenated). It is pumper by the haeht to the lungs where the haemoglobin in red blood cells picks up oxygen and the blood becomes oxygenated. This oxygenated blood returns to the heart and is pumper around the body to the tissues and cells.

The left and right sides of the ahrt work together, filling and emptying at the same time.

To explain the different parts of the heart and how they work we often follow the blood right through the heat, looking at each side in turn.

The two sides of the heart are completly separated by the muscular septum.

A VENA CAVA bring blood from the body into the RIGHT ATRIUM. When the artrium is full, muscles in the…


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