The Hangover Two Review

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The Hangover Two Review


The Hangover Two is a great film for all comedy fans, The Hangover Two was built up to be one of the best films this year and there is no doubt about it, it defiantly was.


Brief Summary

The Hangover Two is set in the city of Bangkok, the film is about four friends Phil, Stew, Doug and Alan who go there for Stew’s wedding. As seen before when those four are together things never go to plan. The night before the wedding the four of them go out for a quiet drink but the bride insists they take her little sixteen year old brother Teddy with them, so they do. When they wake up the next morning they find themselves in a grotty old apartment right in the centre of Bangkok with no sign of Teddy. They now set themselves a mission to find him but there will be some shocks and horrors


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