The Haber Process - Chemistry - Unit 3 - AQA

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The Haber Process

The Haber process is an important industrial process. It produces ammonia which is used to make fertilisers.

Nitrogen and Hydrogen are needed to make Ammonia.

N2 (g) + 3H2 (g) <----> 2NH3 (g)

  • Nitrogen is obtained from the air, which is 78% nitrogen (and 21% oxygen).
  • Hydrogen is sourced from natural gas or from other sources like crude oil.
  • These gases are purified before being used to make ammonia.
  • The reaction is reversible, ammonia breaks down into hydrogen and nitrogen.
  • The reaction reaches an equilibrium.

Industrial Conditions

Pressure - 200 atmospheres

  • Higher pressures favour the forward reaction, there are…


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