The Greensboro Sit-ins

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Four students from an agricultural college decided o challenge the policy of segregated lunch counters at their local Woolworth's store and on February 1st 1960 they sat down in white only seats and ordered. They weren't served and were asked to leave, but they stayed seated until the store was closed. They then returned to continue protesting the next day. More and more students joined them, and by the 6th February over 300 crammed into the Woolworth's.

The protest was copied throughout the South with protests being made against segregated spaces. Roughly 70000 students took part in the sit-ins. In July 1960, Woolworth's desegregated their lunch counters, and within a year over a hundred southern cities had taken steps to desegregate facilities, which proved that direct action was successful.

These sit-ins helped to continue the…


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