The Great War 1173-4 and HII's control of territories

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Henry II had 4 sons with Eleanor of Aquittaines:

  • Young Henry: 1155-1183, made Joint King of England in  1170, rebelled 1173.
  • Richard I: 1157-1199. Married Alice, 2nd Daughter of Louis VII. Duchy of Aquittaine 1172, rebelled 1173, made King of England 1189.
  • Geoffery: 1158-1186. Married Constance (Brittany) 1160. Duchy of Brittany 1169. Rebelled 1173.
  • John: 1167-1216. No inheritance. Rebelled, but secretly. King of England 1199.

Why rebel?

  • Young Henry was frustsrated by the lack of responsibility he was given in England, Normandy and Anjou.
  • Richard, and Eleanor, also frustrated by Richards lack of power in Aquittaine.
  • William the Lion angry over border disputes in Northumbria and Cumbria.
  • Louis VII is threatened by Henry II's power as he surrounds his land. He also supports Richard's cause, as he is married to Louis's daughter.
  • Barons felt persecuted by Henry's reforms, as well as being angry over absenteeism and Beckett. Main…


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