The great powers in Europe 1900

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There were five main Rivals Nations in Europe.

1)Britain - ruled an empire of over one quarter of the worlds people as well as owning rich industries. Britain was it colonies from invasion. Britain followed ' Splendid isolation' meaning that it didnt get invovled in European politics.

Britain also had 700000 men and 185 warships

2)France- had an overseas empire. the french were annoyed to the fact they lost there island Alsace and Lorriane to Germany in the Franco-Prussian war in 1871

France also had 1000000 men and 62 warships

3)Russia- a poor country but was the biggest country in Europe. it was ruled by Tsar Nicolas II. Russia didnt have any land over sea, but they wanted land in Europe and Asia with access to sea

Russia also had 1200000…


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