The Great Gatsby- Place

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The Great Gatsby- Place

Nick's house: -insignificance is it's significance 

'a partial view of neighbour's lawn'- Never truly has a full understanding of who Gatsby is- LINKS WITH GATSBY AS ENIGMA, irony created- Gatsby is his neighbour, so close physically yet no mental connection between the two?

'across the bay the white palaces of fashionable Easte Egg glittened along the water'

Nick has a view of everything- central to all the events- knows about both affairs but fails to expose either- complies with him being the narrator- OBSERVANT CHARACTER

'My house was at the very edge of West Egg'- links with him being an observant character, outsider of the group, looking in on events- symbolic of distance from all the characters, never truly opens up- parralell to Gatsby in…


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