The Great Gatsby Chapter 2

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The Great Gatsby 

Section A i ( AO2 Narrative methods)

Section A ii (AO1,AO3,AO4)

What is Chapter 2 about ? 

Opening- introduces the valley of ashes (billboard of doctor T.J Eckleburg) 

Introduces Wilson and his garage, Mrytle is introduced and the truth behind Tom and his mistress is found out. Tom arranges for Mrytle to catch the next train and meet her at the lower level. Went in different cars to the train station 

Middle- Asks for a dog whilst in New york. Tom buys her a dog. They go the apartmement and invite the neighbours over Mr and Mrs McKee. They have a party and Mrytles sister comes  called Catherine. Have about Tom and Mrtyles affair and how they do not like the people they are with. 

A little discussion about


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