The Glory of the lord by G. F. Handel

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Baroque music

Baroque music (1600-1750) introduced several new ideas to western classical music:

- It used major and minor keys to write tonal music instead of atonal.

- Modulating was introduced. - could create good contrasts in music.

-new structures- eg. Binary, ternary, rondo and variation.

In Baroque music, there are recognisable features:

- The dynamics change suddenly - no gradual changes in volume- called terranced/stepped dynamics.

- Simple harmonies -mostly chords 1 and 5.

-Lots of of ornaments to make it more interesting.

- Texture is often contrapuntal (2 or more independent melodic lines)

- often had a continuo bass

- often played on organs, harpsichord, or more than one instrument, eg, chellos bassoons etc.

Baroque music later turned into classical music.

And the glory of the lord

Handel was a German composer- born 1685. he wrote lots of oratorios and operas.

The messiah, which the piece comes from, is a famous oratorio- only took him 3 weeks to compose. It was very popular-


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