The Functions of the Family

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Functionalist Theory of the Family ¨They believe society has certain basic needs for it to continue into the future successfully. ¨They believe a successful society is underpinned by social order and economic stability. ¨ ¨Social institutions makes sure this continues by:

       -   transmitting values, norms, etc., to the next generation in order to reproduce consensus and therefore the culture of society

       - teaching particular skills in order that economy – the engine of society – operates effectively

       - allocating people to family and occupational roles which make best use of their  talents and abilities.

  They believe the family play a major role in achieving these goals.   The family is the cornerstone of society by making its members feel apart of society as a whole.   The family meets the needs of emotional stratification, social support, identity and security.  They see the family as extremely functional – its existence is paramount to the smooth running of society and the personal development of its individuals. Criticisms of Functionalism’s Theory ¨They believe society




helpful notes, summarised well 

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