The Function of Operating Systems

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The operating system (OS) must:

  • provide and manage hardware recourses
  • provide an interface between the user and the machine
  • provide an interface between applications software and the machine
  • provide security for the data on the system
  • provide utility software to allow maintenance to be done

The idea of an OS was created when code was duplicated to be used many times over. The OS contained the neccassary input and output functions which is known as an application. Disk input and output routines were also incorporated into the OS.

Short pieces of program were developed, called subroutines - these were used to perform simple tasks such as read a character from a keyboard or send a character to the printer.

Joining these input and output routines together led he the input-output control system (IOCS). This was originally read using punch cards in the 1950's. This then led to the developments…


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