the formation of culture:key concepts

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norms:  are the unwriiten unspoken rules of everyday life they derive from a persons values and are regulated by negative sanctions and postive rewards.

  • norms also vary from society to society for example: in our society it is. however in other socities burping is approved by because it shows that you have apreciated your meal.
  • norms change over time for example, what may have been unaccptable dress a hundred years ago eg: women wearing trouser may be completly acceptable now.

first example

many aspects of body laguage are culturally specific societies making eye contact is seen as being respectful,and to show that you are listening. 

in other socities, including parts of africa, the carribean, and many parts of asia , making eye contact is only done between equals. as its is the norm to lower your eyes when spoken to someone more powerfull than you. as a mark of respect.

secon example:

smilling is another norm that changes from society to britian a smilling face is reltively a neutral face.often we greet people with a smilling face with a 'hello'


however in russia  and other parts of the world. it is reserved for specific occasions (amusing) situations. it is not considered to be polite it could me misinterpreted


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