The First World War and Women's Suffrage

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  • The Women's Suffrage Campaign virtually stopped in August 1914
  • 10th August the Government released all WSPU prisoners as they said violence would stop
  • Many members of the NUWSS helped out with the war relief work
  • The Women;s Service Bureau was opened in August 1914 that drafted women in to do work
  • The NUWSS split into pacifists who refused to help the war and people who encouraged early peace but know the fight was necessary
  • WSPU campaigned with anti-German propaganda
  • Some suffragettes handed out white feathers (sign of cowardice) to men not in military uniform

WSPU Change

  • 1917: name change to The Women's Party
  • Their newspaper was renamed Britannia
  • Leaflets campaigned for the employment of women in munitions factories and condemning pacifism
  • Sylvia Pankhurst carried on through the War with Votes for Women, spoke of pacifism and socialism
  • Sylvia founded the East London Federation of Suffragettes, 1914 (renamed The Worker's Suffrage Federation 1915) that helped poor in East London
  • Mother and Infant Welfare clinics and Cost Price restaurants were opened
  • Emmeline Pankhurst used war time jingoism

The Women's Freedom League

  • President, Charlotte Despard, was appalled at war outbreak
  • From 1914-1918 the WFL still campaigned for women's votes
  • Despard also fought for equal pay and founded the


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