The First Moroccoan Crisis Revision Notes

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The Crisis of Morocco 1905

The first crisis of Morocco happened in 1905, it was a dispute largely between Germany and France over who should control Morocco several other Great powers and nations also took an interest and sided to either Germany or France. Britain was the dominating power of empire in Africa in 1905, closely followed by France. In 1904 Britain and France signed an agreement called the Entente Cordiale in which of the many agreements was that Britain agreed not to fight with France over control of Morocco and to support it in this action. As many European countries had an Empire Morocco was one of the last places not to be taken by a Great power and still remained independent. So with both France wanting to expand its Empire and Germany wanting to start one something like this was likely to happen. Germany seeing that Britain and France had just recently signed the Entente Cordiale decided to test how strong this agreement / friendship between the two countries was and so decided to lay a claim in Morocco’s future. They disagreed with Frances claim to Morocco which was backed up by Britain, Russia, Italy and Spain. As in


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