The fall of Tsardom

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How far was the First World War responsible for the fall of the Tsar in 1917?

Take into consideration -

  • Russia's performance in the war
  • The impact of war on the economy
  • The role of the Tsar
  • Political opposition

Russia's performance in the war

  • The Russian soldiers were 'peasants in uniforms'.
  • The military performance was inadequate and inefficient - by 1917 the Tsar had given up the fight.
  • Soldiers deserted in great numbers from 1916 onwards.
  • Russia suffered great losses in terms of military - the Battle of Tannenburg, the Battle of Lodz, the Brusilov offensive, etc.
  • By 1917 1.5 million Russians had died along with another 4 million wounded.
  • The Russians suffered due to disorganisation and poor transport. There were shortages of rifles, clothing and medical supplies. Many injured soldiers died from their wounds for the fact that there was a lack of supplies to treat them.
  • By 1916 the transport system had collapsed. Industrial and agricultural output was fairly strong but there…


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