The Falklands War 1982

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·         The Falklands War 1982

·         For many years Argentina had claimed ownership of the Falklands Islands, which were only 400 miles off her coast. But 98% of the Falklanders themselves wanted to remain British.

·         Ironically, although unwilling to give up control over the islands, Thatcher’s government was prepared to let the Argentineans to administer the islands.

·         In 1981 Britain removed the last Royal Naval vessel from the South Atlantic.

·         As negotiations were taking place, the Argentinean junta, led by, General Galtieri, interpreted the military withdrawal as a sign that Britain was willing to give up the islands and Argentina launched an invasion to force the issue. Despite the obvious difficulties in winning back the islands and the attractions of a negotiated settlement, Thatcher rejected going through the United Nations and launched a liberation force instead.

·         A quickly put together


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