The failure of international peace 1919 - 1939

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An Armistice (provisional peace) was agreed on 11.11.1918.

  • The allies called the Paris Peace Conference in January 1919.
  • It was dominated by the 'Big Three': President Woodrow Wilson (USA); Prime Minister David Lloyd George (Britain) and Prime Minister Georges Clemanceau (France).
  • Germany sent representatives, but only to accept the victors' dicisions.
  • A settlemant was expected to be based on President Wilsons 14 points of 1917.
  • Many Germans didn't accept that they had lost the war.

The main objective was to make lasting peace, but they had different oppinions on:

  • How far Germany should be punished.
  • To what extent the victors should be repaid for the war.
  • How peace should be enforced.

Georges Clemenceau wanted:

  • To regain Alsace Lorrain.
  • To be as hard as possible on Germany.
  • to have reparations.
  • Make sure Germany could never invade France again.
  • Take the Saar and Rhineland to strengthen Frances' Eastern border.
  • Enforce disarmament on Germany.

David LloydGeorge knew that the destruction of Germany wounldn't be in British interest in the long term, but he did want:

  • Germany to lose her colonies over seas.
  • lose their Naval power.
  • Repay Britains war debt.

Woodrow Wilson's aims were found in his 14 points (1917)' he thought that revenge would cause anouther war. His ideas would need US invovment in Europe in the future, something that many Americans didn't want. His ideas were:

  • No secret treaties.
  • Free acces to the sea for all.
  • Fare trade between countries.
  • Disarmament by all countries.
  • Colonies to have a say in their future.
  • German troops to leave Russia.
  • Belguim to be inderpendant.
  • France to regain Alsace-Lorraine.
  • Frontier between Austria and Italy to be adjusted.
  • Self-determination for people of Eastern Europe.
  • Serbia to have access to the sea.
  • Self-determination for people in the Turkish Empire.
  • Poland to be inderpendant with access to the sea.
  • a League of Nations to settle disputes.

Germany and the Treaty of Versailles (1919)

  • Germany lost: Alsace-Lorrain to France;




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