The Existence of God

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The Five Arguments for the Existence of God

The Cosmological Argument

St Thomas Aquinas believed that because the cosmos exists then God must exist because only a greater being could create something so vast.  Aquinas believed that God created the universe, but nothing created God.  God is the uncaused first cause.

Strengths of this argument:

    • It explains what caused the universe to exist
    • It makes sense to say that God is uncaused otherwise God would not be the greatest

Weaknesses of this argument:

    • There would be no beginning of anything
    • There could be an endless chain reaction of causes that go back forever 

The Moral Argument

People have a basic understanding of good and evil, right and wrong.  They believe this knowledge comes from God.  We have a conscience because God gave it to us so that we would know how to be good.

The Ontological Argument

St Anselm believed that because we as human beings have the ability to think that there is a God, God must exist.  He said God is "that than which nothing greater can be conceived"

This argument is based not on observations of the world but rather from reason.

The Argument from Experience

Some people believe that God must exist…


Miss KHP

Detailed notes looking at the existence of God. Useful for RE GCSE AQA especially.

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