The effectiveness of television

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The effectiveness of television-

Television and advertising- it has long been used as a means of persuading viewers to buy a particular product or service. Research has focused on the effectiveness of advertising by looking at how it has shaped consumer behaviour, although this is usually measured in terms of how much consumers like the product after advertising rather than whether they have actually bought it.

1)      Hard-sell and soft sell advertising- Advertisers sometimes refers to this distinction as ‘hard sell’ (presenting factual information about a product) and ‘soft sell’ (using more subtle and creative persuasive techniques)

2)      Product endorsement- Giles 2003 suggests that celebrities provide a familiar face- a reliable source of information that we feel we can trust because of the parasocial relationship that we have built up with that celebrity. Celebrities are also seen as a neutral source of information and so perform the function of rubber stamping the advertisers claims.

3)      Children and advertising- Martin (1997) in a meta-analysis of studies found a strong positive correlation between age and


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