The Economic World

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PRIMARY INDUSTRY: extraction of raw materials from the ground or the sea

SECONDARY INDUSTRY: manufacturing of goods using raw materials from primary industry

TERTIARY INDUSTRY: Involves the provision of different services

Farming is classified as a primary industry:


  • Subsistence Farming is when crops and animals are produced by a farmer to feed their family rather than take it to market.
  • Commercial farming when crops and animals are produced to sell at market for a profit.
  • Arable farms grow crops
  • Pastoral farms rear animals
  • Extensive farming is where a relatively small amount of produce is generated from a large area of farmland. Inputs will be low with low labour.
  • Intensive farming is where a large amount of produce is generated from a relatively small area of land. Inputs will be high to achieve a high yield per hectare.
  • Organic Farming is environmentally friendly without using chemicals
  • Set aside: where a certain proportion of a farmers


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