The Early Periodic Table

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- The Chemical Elements can be arranged in a periodic table. Early Tables arranged the elements in order of mass. Mendeleev’s table also sorted elements in order of properties, but he realised that he needed to leave gaps for elements that had not yet been discovered.

Joseph Priestly

-He discovered hydrochloric acid by by reacting concentrated sulphuric acid with sodium chloride

Antoine Lavoisier

-Believed that all acids contained oxygen after studying several acids

e.g. H2SO4 - sulphuric acid, HNO3 - nitric acid

Humphry Davy

-Questioned Lavoisier's theory, noting that hydrochloric acid (HCl) did not contain oxygen yet is an acid. Soon thereafter, several more acids without oxygen were found.

e.g. HBr, HF, HI

Justus Von Liebig

-Suggested that acids contain one or more hydrogen atoms which


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