The Downfall of Personal Rule


The Downfall of PR


  • 1625 - Act of Revocation - cancelled grants on royal and church land which started a fear of a strong R/C church. England was also concerned about them spreading the act to them.
  • 1633 - Coronation in a high church with a big ceremony in Edinburgh
  • 1636 - Canons inforced to make services arminian
  • 1637 - English Prayer Book was introduced causing national outrage
  • February 1638 - Scottish National Covenant was released with conditions of continuing presbyteriansim, fighting against the prayer book and canons but it did not try to abolish bishops. The Scottish Commissioner failed to create egotiatons. England raised an army ready to fight them.
  • November 1639 - Scottish National Assembly banned bishops. They rose an army of well trained motivated soldiers.

Weaknesses in England

  • poorly trained milita, e.g. some budgets were so low that men had never…


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