The Digestive Process

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There are Five Main Stages of Digestion:

1) Ingestion:

  • Its putting food or drink into your mouth

2) Digesiton:

  • After you have ingested something, you need to digest it. Digestion is the break-down of large insoluble molecules to smaller soluble molecules. Your body has mechanicala nd chemical ways to digest food:
  • Mechanical- teeth and stomach muscles
  • Chemical- Enzymes and bile

3) Absorption;

  • If all those digested bits just sat in your alimentary canal, it wouldn't be much use. Absorption is the process of moving molecules through the walls of the intestines into the blood. Digested food molecules are absorbed in the small intestine- water is mainly absorped in the large intestine

4) Assimilation

  • When digested molecules have been absorbed…


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