The defeat of Charles I, 1642-1646

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To what extent was the royalist defeat in the civil war due to Charles I?

Charles's Personality:

  • It was the root of his problems; believed by Farr.
  • Shy and hampered by a speech defect- unapproachable and uncommunicative.
  • Actions unexplained leaving others to interpret them.
  • Unable to compromise
  • Didn't have the personality or political skill that invited loyalty- weak King and poor leader.
  • Indecisive- especially at war.

Military Failures:

  • Initially in a strong position- natural alliegence to most as he was King.
  • Charles failed to take advantage of early strength.
  • Failed to take the oppertunity to advance on London, went back to Oxford- stalemate edgehill.
  • Few Victories- including 5th July Lansdown.
  • Series of Royalist military mistakes - weak coordination of forces.
  • Divide of royalist councils.
  • Naseby (against new NMA) destroyed Charles military capabilites in England.


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