The Crucible: Act One: Pgs. 18-21

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Act One - P.g 18-21

- Abigail gets touchy when the topic of Goody Procter and her reputation being soiled is brought up.

- Abigail has the most power in the conversation as she is witholding information.

- Parris threatens her and pleads with her to try and get Abigail to tell the truth.

- "Child sit down" (pg. 19) - Example of inversion - shows the langage of the time.

- Powershift from Parris to Abigail (pg. 19)

- Abigail is not scared of Parris

- Abigail wants Pariss to clear her name "Uncle, the rumour...I'll sit with her" (pg. 18)

- Theme of reputation

- The exchange between Abigail and Parris is interogative

Abigail's relationship with Goody Procter -

- Foreshadows what is going to…


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