The Crucible - Act by Act - Plot Summary

ACT 1 - Parris' house, Spring 1692

  • Parris accuses Abigail of dancing with Tituba in the forest to cause witchcraft and make Betty ill.
  • Abigial threatens to hurt the other girls if they tell anyone about the potion she drank to kill Proctor's wife.
  • Proctor enters and Abigail denies that Betty's illness is caused by witchcraft.
  • Hale arrives - witchcraft expert.
  • Abigial accuses Tituba of calling the Devil, Tituba confesses and accuses others.
  • Abigail and Betty join in with accusing others.

ACT 2 - Proctor's house, a week later

  • Elizabeth tells John to stop the witchcraft trials that have started by telling them Abigail is lying.
  • Mary Warren returns from Salem, 39 women have been jailed, she gives Elizabeth a doll.
  • Hale questions Elizabeth.
  • Corey and Giles enter - their wives have been arrested.
  • Elizabeth is arrested because


Mary Palmer


Remeber, as Font size increases, the scenes grow from quiet and tense to an ending of high drama.

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this is great ! thanks x :)

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A great resource, love the use of font size to show tension etc.