The Crimean War 1853-56

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How is the crimean war remembered.

Was the only was fought in Europe between 1815 and 1914, however it was more than that it was a war where brave soldiers were led by hugely incompetent leaders. It created huge confusion and controversies like charge of the light brigade in balaclava. It made and broke reputations, Florence nightingales reputation was made and as was mary seacole un like the reputations of lord raglian, lord cardigan and lord lucan that were completely destroyed.Crimea was a war of fear, Britain felt their interests in India were being disturbed by the Russians marching through Afghanistan. The Russians wanted some or all of the Turkish Empire, for the use of their ports however this threatened Britain’s current route to India.  Russians expressed how they needed to protect Greece orthodox Christians in the Turkish Empire, the French supported the catholics and the Russians the orthodox monks, the Turkish sultan decided in favour of the catholics. In 1853, Prince Menshikov went to Constantinople with a list of demands from Russia for the Tsar. Predictably, he was refused- the Sultan’s decision to reject him was encouraged by the British Ambassador. Russia announced that if Turkey didn’t give in to its demands, it would occupy Moldavia and Wallachia- provinces near the Danube that Turley had loose control over but Russia could enter to maintain law and order.

By mid june the Russian forces were in retreat, by mid july they were safely over the river pruth. Everything could have stopped here but the allied governments believed they had to take Sebastopoland the Russian fleet destroyed. Queen Victoria said the war was extremely popular and William Gladstone raised income tax to pay for the invasion of the crimea, which they told lord raglan to go ahead with on 23rd june.

Reporting in the crimea

Roger Fenton- photography was a hobby of his and he photographed queen Victoria many times,fenton jumped at chance to produce photo album of Crimean war. He was told not too capture the horrors of the war, even though the technology at the time wouldn’t allow moving scenes to be captured. He was in crimea from march 1855 to june of that year and took 400 useable photos.

William Howard Russell-The times sent Russell to crimea, and this made him first professional, he went without the permission of the govt. and the army and they obviously would have preferred him to stay at home. He exposed the bad management and appalling conditions. He was violently anti turk and anti French. Reliability of his accounts is not very good, he missed the winter and was not present for all events he reported.

Battle of Alma 1854, menshikov decided not to attack that day and waited at the alma river for the troops to come, being on high ground he believed he was in a good position. British and French commanders halted at the water waiting for the attack, this is where the cholera broke out.  Lord Raglan…


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