The creation of tension is vital to the succss of the story


Confilct - Between Lizzy and Darcy. A lot of dramatic irony contributes to the conflicting views Elizabeth hears of Darcy and the REAL Darcy (which is only revealed in the letter) "I do not get on at all. I hear such different accounts of you as puzzle me exceedingly"

Lizzy also warns Darcy of prejudice "It is particularly incumbent on those who never change their opinion, to be secure of judging at first". When he asks why she is asking these questions, she replies "Merely to the illustration of your character...I am trying to make it out" with no success. There is conflict in her own opinions, because she is lecturing Darcy about prejudice whereas she is the one who is prejudiced of him. This is tense for the reader as it is her who is prejudice and the reader just wants her to see through to the real Darcy

Conflicting views and opinions on things, particularly marriage - Austen shows us what the central topic means for people from all walks of life (metaphorically) Ranging from practicality (Collins) to security (Charlotte), money (Wickham) or love (Elizabeth), marriage is equally as important to all the characters, but for different reasons

Suspense - Jane and Bingley. It's a Will they Won't they scenario. It…


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