The Control and Prevention of Crime- Left Realist

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Realism looks at the issue of crime and its effects seriously. 2 strands of it have developed, Left realism  influenced by radical and socialist ideas and right realism influenced by right-wing conservative thinking. Both have been very influential in developing explanations of crime and deviance and to tackle and solve crime problems and therefore aim for politicians to adopt their proposals.

The left realist explanation has been influenced by Lead and Young and hashas 3 key concepts: relative deprivation, marginalisation and subculture. Therefore left relists focus on the organisation of society and especially the inequality disadvantages and poverty that results from this and which creates a society where crime is the norm. This has lead to:

Social and Community Crime Prevention: 

Economic and Social Reform Programmes-

  • improving educational sucess in inner city and reducing the exclusion and the number of 16 year olds with no qualifications. 
  • mininum pay legislation so people don't need to depend on welfare 
  • reducing inequality


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