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The Teheran Conference, November 1943


§  This was the first meeting of the ‘Big Three’ and the main discussion was focused on opening a second front in Western Europe.


§  Roosevelt hoped that this conference would cement close relations between the leaders.


§  It was agreed that Britain and the USA would open up a second front by invading France in May 1944. The Soviet Union would simultaneously mount an offensive in the East against Germany.


§  It was agreed that as much help would be given to partisan forces in Yugoslavia who were fighting Hitler.


§  The Soviet Union would declare war on Japan once Germany was defeated


§  A United Nations organisation was to be set up after the war


§  Stalin was promised the lands that the Soviet Union had lost to Poland in 1920 and as a result of this Poland’s borders with Germany would move to the rivers Oder and Neisse.


§  There were discussions about splitting up Germany after the war but no firm decisions were made.


§  Roosevelt, the US president, was prepared to believe Stalin's promises about free elections, provided that Stalin was prepared to declare war on Japan and to join the UNO.


The Yalta Conference, February 1945


§  In February 1945 Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin met at Yalta in the southern Soviet Union to plan the end of the Second World War.


§  Tension between Churchill and Stalin grew and when the Big Three next met at Yalta, clear differences emerged. Nevertheless, the Churchill and Roosevelt needed Stalin's support in case it was necessary to invade Japan.


§  By February, the Soviet Union was advancing through Eastern Europe and Churchill was convinced that Soviet troops would remain in the countries they liberated from German occupation.




What happened at Yalta?


§  The Allies agreed to divide Germany into four


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