The Coastal Zone

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Effects of erosion at Holderness


People moving house. Need to be rehoused

Depressed people dealing with their situation

Court cases surrounding the issues


Businesses folding – jobs lost

Housing costs

Roads have to be replaced

No insurance companies will insure the area


Natural habitats effected

Most schemes look unsightly

Erosion increases in other areas

Key point – the schemes in place at Holderness protect valuable areas like the Gas Terminal and larger areas. The poorer people are the ones who are affected.

Case Study of Coastal Erosion and Coastal Defence:

The Holderness Coast, NE Yorkshire Coast

Where is the Holderness Coast? What is the problem?

The Holderness Coast is on the NE coast of the UK, facing the North Sea.

The coastline is mainly made up of cliffs (20-30m high), consisting of soft, easily eroded boulder clay. Where the cliff line meets the Humber Estuary, a spit has formed due to the change in the direction of the coastline - Spurn Head.

The cliff line is retreating at an alarming rate - greater than 1m / yr (fastest rate in Europe) - 4km of land have been lost since Roman Times, including many villages and farm buildings.

Easington Gas Station (a North Sea Gas terminal) which provides a significant amount of the UK’s North Sea gas is situated on the cliffs top and its position is under threat.


















 Why is Cliff Erosion such


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