The circulatory system.

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The Heart.

The cardiovascular system contains 3 elements, the heart, blood and blood vessels. Without them you would not live.

The circulatory system is made up of a 'double circulatory pump' which means there is 2 systems which work together to carry blood around your body.

1. Carries deoxgenated blood from your heart, to the lungs, where it is oxygenated and back again. This is called the Pulmonary system.

2. The other system carries blood from your heart, to the body supplying oxygen to the nessecery parts, and back again. This is called the systemic system (remember goes to your system a.k.a the body) but NOT to the lungs.

The Blood Vessels.

There are 3 main vessels...

1. The arteries. These always carry blood away from the heart (artery away) The work at a high pressure and have a pulse. They have the thickest walls, to cope with the pressure, and they are also very elastic.

2. Veins always…


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