The Changing Nature of Warfare - OCR-A2- Napoleonic Wars- Public Opinion

Empathy and Emotion in Higher Species

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Public Opinion (,r:3,s:0,i:80&biw=1009&bih=465) 

  • Up until French Revolutionary Wars, monarchs cared very little for the role of public opinion. An armies' function had been to to carry out wishes of the king, not the people and nation, regardless of what the public thought and believed. 
  • During the period 1792-1815, propaganda and its role reached unprecedented levels in mobilizing the French population - it had to mobilize an entire nation to to preserve the ideals of the revolution. This could only be achieved by what Stewart describes as 'relentless propaganda.' In this time, the public were bombarded with pamphlets, posters, songs etc. Napoleon was a master


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