The causes of ww2

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Hitlers plans

Abolosh the Tov- humiliation to germnay and crippled it, november criminals

Expand teritory- this had been taken away by the tov, expand for lebensraum, reunite all germans

defeat communism- anti communist, he thought they were planning to overthrow germany 

Hitlers actions

1933- begins to rearm, walks out of the league

1934- tries to take over austria but prevented by mussolini

1935- rearmement rally, conscription introduced

1936- invasion of the rhineland, axis allience with japan 

1937- bombing in spanish civil war, axis allience with italy

1938- austria, sudentenland 

1939- rest of czechoslovakia and war


Hilter started to rearm germany- reduces unemployment and nation pride 

started to do it in secret at first but he soon held rally 1935 because he knew he could get away with it 

he knew he had the suppost from the british becuase the thought it was too harsh tov and they were a force against communism 

Britain even signed an naval agreement to increase the siz of navy by 35%

The Saar

Run by league of nations but vote to see if it shoud return to german rule or not 90% of people voted for it to be returned to germany


1936- invaded rhineland but was a gamble 

excuse was that france and ussr had signed a pact to protect each other if germany invaded them so germany said they were a threat

was poorly equipt but got away with it

Spanish Civil war 

Saw it as a…


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