The Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems - Heart's Conduction System Linked To Cardiac Cycle

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  • Heart has dual-pump action
  • 2 separate pumps, work simultaneously to pump blood to two different destinations
    • Right side pumps deoxygenated blood towards lungs
    • Left side pumps oxygenated blood towards rest of body


  • Heart is myogenic - generates/controls it's own electrical impulse called cardiac impulse
  • Cardiac impulse initiated from SA node in right atrium
  • Impulse passes through right and left atrium walls to AV node - Causing both atria to contract, known as Atrial systole
  • AV node conducts impulse down through bundle of HIS
  • Down through left and right bundle branches to Apex of heart
  • Impulse travels up around ventricle walls via purkinje fibres, causing both


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