The break with Rome part 2 (15)

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John Fisher, Bishop of Rochester

  • Fisher was the only Bishop to oppose the Supremacy to such a degree that he was to be executed for his beliefs
  • There had been some disagreement among the bishops as the break with Rome became apparent
  • Archbishop Warham and Bishop Tunstall had both spoken out against Henry's motives and desire for a divorce as well as the move away from papal supremacy
  • Yet both ulitmately realised as time wore on that they were not going to succeed in changing Henry's mind and to resist him would put them in a very dangerous position
  • Warham himself declared 'the wrath of the King is death', and most protesters decided to fall into line
  • However, Fisher was steadfast in his support for Catherine, writing and preaching in her defence
  • Henry loathed Fisher and saw his chance to strike when the bishop was heavily implicated in the Holy Maid of Kent affair
  • But, henry…


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