The Break with Rome 6

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Henry's views on the Great Matter changing by 1530

  • 1530, Henry collected the opinions of the finest universities in Europe including Oxford and Cambridge
  • The findings were published 1531
  • 7 universities favoured Henry's views, repeating his Levitical line that his marriage violated divine law and that the Pope had no authority to permit such marriages
  • Most of the universities had been bribed
  • Thomas Moore was given the job of reporting the findings to parliament
  • His duty as Lord Chancellor was being compromised by his own personal opposition to Henry's case
  • Henry began to consider a more radical option to solving his Great Matter
  • 1530, Henry's leading clerical supporters (led by Thomas Cranmer) put together 'The Collectanea'
  • It referred to ancient Englaish manuscripts and Anglo Saxon chronicles…


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