The Break with Rome 2

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Henry's motives

  • There is little doubt that Henry fell in love with Anne Boleyn some time between 1525-1527
  • Anne was daughter of Sir Thomas Boleyn (a courtier and minister) and niece of the Duke of Norfolk
  • Henry employed Wolsey to break up Anne's affair with Henry Percy
  • Anne was also sister of Henry's former mistress Mary 
  • Anne didn't want to follow her sister's footsteps and give into Henry
  • If Henry was to bed her he must wed her first and make her his queen
  • Anne set out to allure Henry and succeeded
  • She played a game of cat and mouse, refusing to become another notch on Henry's bedsetad
  • Henry became infatuated with Anne
  • Perhaps he had grown tired of Catherine who was by now over 40 while Anne was young
  • The numerous love letters written by Henry to Anne prove his desires to win her over
  • She remained the prize throughout the stuggle for an annulment
  • However, this was not the only reason for the divorce
  • Henry's conscience was troubled by his marriage to…


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