The bodies response to HIV and AIDS.

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What is it?-
Since 1981, 25 million people have died of AIDS. recently things have been getting better as a result of more investment in HIV prevention and greater access to drugs.  AIDS stands fro acquired immune deficiency syndrome and is caused by the infection HIV ( human immunodeficiency syndrome).
A syndrome is a collection of symptoms related to the same cause. HIV gradually destroys part of the immune system.
Symptoms of AIDS- those of opportunistic infections which the patient becomes susceptible to because their immune system is weakened.

the structure of HIV is complex, the lipid envelope that surrounds it is formed from the hosts cell membrane, when the new virus particles emerge out of it. sticking through the viral envelope are viral gp120 glycoprotein molecules.

HIV invades T helper cells-
gp120 molecules are located on the surface membrane of the virus, they bind to the cd4 receptors on…


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