Women's Movement


NOW - By the 1970s NOW had 40,000 members. It had cooperated with National Women's Cactus, The Women's Campaign Fund, The North American Indian Women's Association and the National Black Feminist Organisation. They learned tactis from the civil rights movement and also orgainsed demonstrations in the streets of American Cities and also challenged discrimination in the courts.

They secured $30 million in back pay owed to women who had not been paid wages equal to those of men and in 1972 the supreme court ruled that the US constituion gave men and women equal rights.

Women's Liberation Movement - There were younger feminists with more essential objectives and different methods to achieve them. Feminists ran 'consciousness-raising' groups where women could talk about their lives in detail and discuss how to fight discrimination in their lives. Other groups made the headlines with their bra burning protests; they were burnt as a symbol of male domination. 

This wasn't effective as circitics did not help their cause because the protests weren't taken seriously


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