The Birth of the Nazi part 1919-23

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  • the DAP (German waorkers' Party) was founded by Anton Drexler
  • Hitler found out about the party after being given a assignment on checking up on political groups after the war
  • Hitler became the 7th committee member when he joined the Group
  • Hitler became Drexler's right-hand man in 1920
  • it started with 23 members but rose to 40 in September 1919
  • it rose to about 1100 members in June 1920
  • rose  again to 3000 during 1920
  • it had 7 marks and 50 pfennigs in the treasury at Hitlers third meeting
  • they hated communists and socialists who they blamed for bringing down the Kaiser
  • They hated the Weimar politicans for signing the treaty of Versailles
  • They found democracy weak
  • They hated and blamed the Jews for undermining the German economy 
  • Hitler was a powerful and…


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